18-20 August 2022

Working conditions of workers in ride-hailing platform: the case of Vietnam

1Dang Thai Binh        2Vu Minh Tien  1Do Ta Khanh

1Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)

2Institute of Workers and Trade Union (IWTU)

Abstract: Since appearing in Vietnam, ride-hailing platforms have brought many benefits in attracting many unskilled and qualified workers and creating better income for workers. Although drivers have jobs in ride-hailing platforms with higher incomes and are more active and flexible, they are almost not equipped with working conditions except for an application provided by ride-hailing companies. All equipment such as passenger vehicles, smartphoness, clothing, helmets, raincoats, etc is self-equipped by workers working on ride-hailing platforms. In addition, these workers also do not have any other benefits such as participation in social insurance, health insurance, health care regime, or any other benefits except for the income they generate from a day trip. Therefore, through surveying workers working on ride-hailing platforms, the article will clarify the negative aspects of their working conditions, thereby making policy recommendations to protect the interests of employees.

Keywords: ride-hailing platforms, working conditions, ride-hailing motorbike driver


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